The name Baudoin has been around since the year 1888 and has traditionally been a wholesaler of cleaning products in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. The company was owned by the Baudoin family, since 1981 the company was taken over by the van Liempd family. In 2010 the third division of the holding has been launched under the name Baudoin Ocean Wash-Systems which takes care of all the needs on the Yacht & Superyacht industry.

As a manufacturer, they have many years of experience in producing and developing their own Reverse Osmosis Units. The Baudoin Reverse Osmosis Units are designed to make pure water out of tap and/or fresh water and able to filter all lime, minerals, metals and bacteria from the tap water with several different filters, which results in pure water. Water in its purest form has an amazingly strong cleaning capability; soap and all other cleaning tools will not be necessary anymore. By washing the Super Yacht with the-easy-to-use Baudoin Ocean Wash-System, it will quickly get a clean, stripe less, shiny and spotless result, even at dark paint. The lifespan of the paint can be extended by cleaning the Super Yacht regularly with our Pure Water Systems. The units can be executed from 200 liter to 2000 liter each hour depending on the size of the Super Yacht and number of Crew. With the wide assortment of mobile and fixed units they are able to meet almost all requests of our customers.

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