Direct Berth

​Looking for the perfect berth or mooring?

The Berth Concierge takes care of finding the perfect berth, from small yachts to super yachts, we deal with the best destinations and marinas, for each yacht owner.

We provide superior guidance to our clients, through extensive knowledge about berthing and it’s requirements, locations, new destinations and all handling that is required from start to finish of a transaction incl. travel for one site visit.

Our Concierge Team aims to provide a comprehensive range of services to maximize the Owner's enjoyment of their yacht, minimize the risks and liabilities associated with berth rental or ownership, control the costs and show transparency. Last but not least we protect the significant capital investment that your berth or mooring represents.

Our Concierge services operates in an exclusive and dynamic environment that differs from marina by marina and country by country.

If you are considering buying, selling or renting a marina berth or mooring, let us know what you require, so we can find your perfect berth!


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