Founded in Hamburg in 2010. Their vision for the perfect vehicle is one that is well-designed, high quality, can be used flexibly, yet is still affordable. This is why they created the EGRET brand and have since been developing, producing and selling small, foldable electric scooters throughout Europe.

The EGRET ONE is lightweight, foldable and compact. You can take it along with you anywhere and stow it easily in your boat. The electric motor helps avoid physical exertion. The electric scooter EGRET-TEN combines the compact design of our previous vehicles with a particularly high level of comfort due to its 10'' tires. Even if you go for a fast ride of 35 km/h over uneven grounds like cobblestones. The E-scooter is powered by an environmentally-friendly, rechargeable battery (LiFePo4) and produces no greenhouse gasses or particulates when in operation. The high-quality hub motor lets you quietly glide along at top speed. So do both yourself and the environment a favour…

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